About Me

Hello, I’m Emily, a writer, researcher, teacher, and 

reproductive justice advocate.

Please click this file to read more about my work:

ADVOCACY: My advocacy work for reproductive justice is directly connected to my research—currently, I am an abortion storyteller who works with organization such as Advocates for Youth’s “1 in 3 Campaign” to share my abortion story, as an organizing tool for campaigns such as “Justice for Jane.” I also write and publish outside of the academic sphere, focusing on political and cultural analyses of current issues in reproductive justice for publications including Salon and Rewire News.

RESEARCH: My research interests are wide-ranging, but all of my work is grounded in cultural studies approaches. My current projects focus on reproductive justice in theory and practice, storytelling as feminist epistemology, and a feminist disability studies approach to endometriosis. My most recent major project is my Master's thesis: Reclaiming Abortion Politics through Reproductive Justice:
The Radical Potential of Abortion Counternarratives in Theory and Practice.


TEACHING: I have a large variety of teaching experience both within and beyond academia, including creating and facilitating advocacy workshops on topics such as: reproductive justice, writing letters to the editor and opinion editorials for organizing efforts, and on registering voters. My most recent teaching position was in Miami University’s English department, where I taught for two years as the sole instructor of record for introductory composition and rhetoric courses. I also had the opportunity to teach a course I designed myself, “Writing for Social Justice.” 

Please check back soon for my new website & the launch of my new blog! I'll be writing about all things to do with feminist, politics, and if/how feminist theories are used in social movement strategy, with special attention to abortion access, other reproductive justice issues, and endometriosis awareness. 

Please contact me here or via social media with any questions/inquiries about my work and about potential collaborations! I look forward to hearing from you!

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